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Advertising on Spotify: Coming to headphones near you

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

The email inbox is a diverse place filled with anything and everything. Emailing marketing campaigns rub shoulders with spam from Nigerian Princes alongside event reminders. Some emails stick out more than others and we got such an email in our inbox this week. We heard back from a request we sent out regarding advertising on Spotify. And it was good news!

We were intrigued by the possibilities of advertising on Spotify so we reached out to see how we could be involved. Traditionally, Spotify offered advertising to single entity business only. In sticking with their innovative model, they are now opening select opportunities to digital marketing agencies, like us! That Spotify-sent email we teased earlier detailed our newfound opportunity to advertise with them.

Spotify is an online music platform. Think of it as, essentially, a freakishly large jukebox in your pocket. Download the app and you have millions of artists, albums and playlists at your disposal. As we’re sure you’re aware, the way people listen to music has been drastically changing over the past decade. This was largely influenced by innovation with Spotify existing as a leading influencer.

They offer a pair of subscription offerings. As you can likely guess, they are differentiated by paid and free versions. The main difference between the two is advertising, with the paid version viewed as an “upgrade” to ad free content. Many, many users, however, are more than happy to engage with brands in exchange for free use of the platform.

We’ve seen time and time again that traditional advertising methods are in a time of great upheaval. We are fascinated with the shift away from traditional advertising methods such as print advertising or TV commercials to contemporary methods such as social media marketing and pay per click campaigns.

Advertising on Spotify is the radio advertising equivalent of this shift. When music was accessible must universally via radio stations, impressions soared. But, with ears moving away from speakers and radio dials to headphones and keyboards, those impressions declined. So, music sharing platforms such as Spotify are becoming an increasingly popular option.

The mechanics of advertising on Spotify has cousins named PPC and paid social, meaning the platform is akin to those other facets of digital marketing. The way ad creative is developed, released and presented resemble, say, a boosted Facebook post (aka paid social). The payment structure and delivery reflect PPC platforms like Google AdWords.

We’re super excited to be an early member in Spotify’s advertising corner. With this in mind, we have only been granted access to the platform of advertising on Spotify for a few days. We’ve created a series of test campaigns and look forward to finding the ideal creative and strategy. We can’t wait to then share it over to our clients.

To achieve your marketing goals, cookie cutter solutions, well, simply won’t cut it. We’re constantly exploring new advertising mediums to build a robust catalogue of unique places to share your brand’s story. Interested in personalized digital marketing solutions for a personalized world? Drop us a line at

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