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Day One of Google I/O 2017: An Overview of Advances

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Google I/O Developer Conference 2017

As one of the giants in the technology field, Google has made its mark on nearly every aspect building web, mobile and enterprise applications. The Google I/O 2017 Conference showcases some of the latest advances and developments by the company and provides a venue for announcements and introductions of new products now available from Google or expected in the near future. The conference is also a valuable resource for developers and advertisers who use Google to reach their target audiences. Here are the most important announcements from day one of the I/O Conference.

The Release of Android O Developer Phase 2

Google announced the release of phase two of the Android O Developer Preview, which rolls out some new features and capabilities on the heels of the March 2017 initial release. Many of these updates to Android O are intended to make it easier to navigate the interface and to streamline the display. Other major changes include the redesign of the quick settings and shortcuts menus and the addition of notification dots.

Android Go – targeting emerging markets with low end smart phones

For users of lower-end smartphones, Android Go represents a new era in memory management. Designed expressly for phones with less than 1 GB of on-board memory, this low-profile operating system will deliver improved performance for apps on phones well below the cutting-edge of technology, opening up new markets for advertisers. As more developers buy in to Android O, Android Go is expected to take off in emerging markets and among lower-end consumers of mobile technologies.

Google Lens – Translate and interact using VR

Google also announced the release of Google Lens, an upgraded and expanded combination of Google Goggles and Google Image Search that will allow end users to interact with the outside world in a new way. Google Lens will allow smartphones to interpret the visual images around them to provide added information for consumers. One of the most convenient applications of the new Google Lens app is definitely the ability to look at login information and store it automatically on a smartphone, eliminating the annoyance of typing in passwords and router data on tiny on-screen keyboards. The app is designed to work seamlessly with Google Assistant on Android systems and is also available on iPhone systems as a stand-alone application.

Enhancements to Google Assistant

One interesting development announced on day one of Google I/O 2017 is the added ability to type questions into Google Assistant. This will allow more discreet querying in public places for users on the go. Actions on Google has also been expanded to work on iOS and Android as well as Google Home, allowing developers to integrate Google Assistant into their apps more easily. They have also added an end to end e-commerce solution, Google home with assistant built in.

Notes from the Keynote

Many other topics were discussed during the keynote address given by Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, who announced a greater focus on artificial intelligence and neural net technologies for the company. Smarter job searches, added help for those with disabilities and increased focus on making interfaces more intuitive will also be key elements in Google’s game plan going forward, according to Pichai.

Below is the full keynote speech,

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