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The digital debate of mobile app creation

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Have you ever opened a mobile webpage and then been asked if you’d rather open an app or taken to the AppStore? Then, in the Blogosphere, have you seen articles tell you to create a mobile app while others claim the time has passed for creation of one? Yup, us too. These questions boil down to a mobile app creation vs. mobile webpage optimization debate and the digital jury seems split. So, we’re going to try and shed some light on each side of the debate. That way, you can better understand.

To tackle the first question, why are you prompted to use an app rather than stick it out on mobile? A first, obvious answer points to the app itself. A lot of planning and development goes into mobile app creation meaning companies really want them to be used. Also, not all websites are optimized for mobile even though they should be. So, users are redirected to the more user-friendly (in this example) app. AppPresser does a good job breaking down some more pros and cons.


These pros and cons can be seen to establish the framework for the debate surrounding mobile app creation. There is no exact answer when it comes to mobile app creation. As we mentioned above, there are actually conflicting answers. One school of thought looks outward. Marketing Land warns against “missing the boat” of mobile app creation. Also, if a competitor has a mobile app, you probably should too.


The other school of thought looks to the robustness of the contemporary mobile landscape. These days, mobile websites have similar ability to their app counterparts. No matter what, you should optimize your pages for mobile. Where there isn’t a sure thing, however, is mobile app creation, as moving in that direction requires careful planning in regard to both development and budget. So, either get the conversation rolling on a mobile app for your business or make your webpages the talk of the mobile web.

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