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Live video marketing: an intro

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Taking a video with your mobile device then uploading it to your social media page after the fact is so 2015. Brands and marketers alike are embracing the feature of social media platforms that allow for the live broadcast of video. This is known as live video marketing and it can add a new dimension to your marketing efforts. So, we thought it would be worthwhile to put together a little intro to help get you off the ground.


There are currently four social media platforms that allow for live video marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Each operate in the same fashion. Deciding on which one to use boils down to where your audience is. Consider the social media platform where you have the most followers as the best place to start.


There are several benefits to live video marketing. This sentiment hits home for Livestream, a company who specializes in live streaming products. An infographic of theirs notes that 82% of social media users prefer live video to traditional posts while 80% of audiences prefer watching a live video to reading a blog.


When should you set up a live video marketing campaign? According to Marketing Land, not until after you’ve done some planning. Their article breaks down what should be in place before you go live. After that has been nailed, all you need is a worthy topic. Film away.


As mentioned above, live video marketing works via social media platforms. Creating a live video marketing campaign on Facebook, for example, is super simple. Navigate your business’ page as you would to publish a traditional post. Instead, click on the “live” button. That careful panning you did before starting your live video means you are able to plug in all the details here:
live video marketing

The last step is to hit your live video out of the park! If you were following the 2017 Kamloops Chamber of Commerce & TD Business Excellence Awards, you would have seen one of our first dives into live video marketing. We look forward to doing more videos in the future and following the campaigns you come up with!

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