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Marketing in 2018: Articles to get you ready for the New Year

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

As 2017 comes to an end, there’s no reason your marketing strategy needs to follow suit. Luckily, the end of one year brings with it a view to the next one. There are plenty of articles out there breaking down what to expect from marketing in 2018. We’ve made a little list for you:

Content marketing in 2018

We have found several articles focusing on content marketing heading into 2018. Marketing Land’s offering looked at repurposing content. Since a possible new year’s resolution for some would be to recycle more, your business can do the same by recycling content.

Let’s say, however, you don’t even have a content marketing strategy to recycle. 2018 is the year to make it happen. So says Entrepreneur, who point to several ways it will boost your business’ overall marketing.

Should your business operate in the B2C (business to consumer) space, keep this in mind when you are developing such a strategy. MarketingProfs has you covered, sharing the secrets of success for building quality B2C marketing content.

Trends for marketing in 2018

Speaking of content, the end of a year tends to lend itself to looking forward. Many industry experts use it as a time to identify upcoming trends. Marketing is no exception as bloggers attempt to pinpoint the next big thing in the industry for the new year:

  • Forbes took a budget-based approach to identifying trends
  • For Smart Insights, all trends are pointing towards integration
  • Salesforce looks at trends in marketing for 2018 and beyond
  • There are 18 different trends to look for in the New Year, according to Entrepreneur

Marketing in 2018: continued

We are also excited to continue following some things we looked at this year into next year. First and foremost is Gutenberg, the WordPress-built visual editing tool we think will bring big things to webpage development in the New Year. We have written about it a few times and are very excited for its 2018 release. Whereas Gutenberg is an impending release, we are excited to follow a part of the digital world from 2017 into 2018.

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source project that seeks to improve the load time and quality of breaking news articles. Though the project started in 2015, it gained plenty of acclaim in 2017. We featured it on our blog, MOZ sought to quantify the value of AMP on their blog and Google announced plans to improve how their search engine recognizes AMP pages. Look for continued growth in 2018.

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