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Marketing New Year’s resolutions that pumpkin spiced up brands in 2017

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Here at ROI Media Works, we not only work in marketing, we love it too. That’s why we’re going to bring you the best seasonal marketing campaigns we’ve seen every month. January shows up with a bang thanks to New Year’s Day. With that, come plenty of resolutions. You can pumpkin spice up your brand by paying attention to trends and making marketing New Year’s resolutions accordingly. Here are some examples of businesses that killed it in 2017.   

For the last month or so, there has been a pretty consistent narrative amongst the digital marketing-inclined. Various articles, infographics or videos seek to pinpoint the marketing New Year’s resolutions that will move your company forward in 2018. Even we got into the act. But, we also thought it would be helpful to add a little bit more context to this. We took a look at some of the trends that were identified this time last year to see who nailed them in 2017.

Marketing New Year’s resolutions to leverage different realities

Marketers were called upon in 2017 to advertise via new platforms. The most notable of these was augmented reality. AR uses a mobile device to project an image onto a physical space. The user sees the image and can facilitate and engage with its placement around them. Anheuser-Busch and Warner Bros. Pictures were the first to place AR ads on the social media platform, Snapchat, cementing them as effective companies in terms of this resolution.

Marketing New Year’s resolutions to conduct native advertising

We coined native advertising as the chameleon of the advertising world, meaning there is an unidentifiable blending of an ad with a more natural space. Oftentimes, this is achieved by a collaboration between a media outlet and a company. Airbnb and the New York Times hit theirs out of the park with a piece on New York’s famed Ellis island that doubled as an ad for the hotel industry disruptor.

Marketing New Year’s resolutions to start livestreaming

With essentially every social media offering a “live” version of video posting in 2017, the feature was becoming a major part of video marketing campaigns. West Jet capitalized on this. As AdWeek writes, the airline sought to create stunts over the holiday season and turned to kids for ideas. Then, they livestreamed the results. Not only did West Jet nail this livestream campaign, they also nailed the emotional aspect of seasonal marketing campaigns.

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