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You don’t have to be a MythBuster to map your business’ digital marketing strategy

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

From 2003 until 2016, a popular show known as MythBusters ran on TV. The show focused on hosts Jamie and Adam as they sought to demystify the world’s leading legends. To our knowledge, not one episode of the popular series debunked the formulation of a digital marketing strategy.

Yet, perhaps it should have. It seems these days that the marketing-inclined are hit with a barrage of myths. There have been at least three posts recently, all tackling different myths: Forbes ran an article with a list surrounding paid advertising software like Google AdWords, Entrepreneur sought to understand the mystification of email marketing and MediaPost focused on location-centred marketing.

With all these myths swirling around, it could be easy to get lost when one looks inwards. Business owners or marketers when trying to define their digital marketing strategy are painted a picture of pitfalls via a series of saga-laden musings of the marketing world.

Don’t get us wrong, though. There is definitely value in posts such as these. The world of digital marketing can be a complex place at times.

But with that said, forming an online presence and digital marketing strategy is easier than implied. The most imperative facet is to first have an understanding of yourself, rather than the world of digital marketing. Think about what you do, who you serve and the things that set you apart from competitors in your industry.

Got that nailed? Next step: set a budget. Think about how much your company could factor into a digital marketing strategy. It’s our job to get the most out of that budget.

We’d love to help you narrow down what you want from your digital marketing strategy. Even better, we will turn it into a reality. Drop us a line at Let us battle through the “myths” on your behalf.

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