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ROI Media Works at OMG Social Media Conference

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

OMG…ROI Media Works, El Presidente will be speaking at and attending the first ever OMG Social Media Conference in Vancouver, BC on August 15, 2013. OMG in this instance is a name that plays on the online acronyms that have become social norms in our lives, and is short for Online Media Generation. The generation being referred to is characterized by those who are lucky enough to have grown up during the social media revolution and interact on social media platforms on a non-stop basis.

“We are excited to partake in this conference. It’s great to participate in think-tank type of conferences where companies and products in the social discovery space aim to connect people with new places, people and products that they will enjoy based on their social interactions and existing interests,” says Krishna Lakkineni

ROI Media Works at OMG Social Media Conference As we can see around us, social media is quickly becoming a major part in business functions beyond sales and marketing like customer service, product development and human resources. At ROI Media Works we’ve said it time and time again that social media is a game changer for sales and marketing and this conference will be providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to hear from six industry leaders and 10 social media experts, who will share real world experiences. The conference will have entrepreneurs come together to discover the most effective social media strategies for small business owners.

At ROI Media Works our focus has always been to drive tangible business success through digital execution. We should all be working through a natural learning curve when it comes to social, specifically, which usually involves four key phases: understanding, experimentation, development and innovation. So it only makes sense that our keynote speech will delve into this topic.

OMG was created because we see how critical it is for small business owners to understand social media. It will teach small businesses how to use social media to reach a key demographic – millennials, otherwise known as Generation Y, defined as those born in the 1980s and 1990s. Furthermore, Online Media Generation creators wanting to share their knowledge on social media and make everyone part of the Online Media Generation. The conference, which is sponsored by HootSuite, Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business and Telus, will bring together local small businesses owners with digital media experts.

To find out more about the conference visit OMG’s Facebook page.

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