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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Facebook Likes

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Buying fake Facebook likes is like liking a fake, phoney, fraud

Now say that 10 times really fast.

There are all kinds of ways people try to cheat systems in order to generate more traffic, look more important to the public, get money faster, increase brand awareness, etc, etc. This kind of thing doesn’t just happen on Facebook. It happens on every social network, be it Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, or whichever. People also try to buy backlinks in an attempt to improve their SEO on Google, and that never works out well for them in the long run. Sites that partake in those kinds of malicious activities end up getting penalized because Google can detect when traffic is falsified, and take action on those sites by reducing their SEO, which is the opposite of what they actually set out for! Even worse, penalizing sites making it next to impossible to improve your rankings ever again. That means starting over from scratch, which means more money, more time, more resources, more headaches, and did we mention more money?

Buying Facebook Likes is no Different

You might say to us:

“I want to purchase around 10,000 Facebook likes from a sketchy website that we found on Google in order to beat our competition and make our business look larger than it really is.”

And we will tell you the following:

While there’s no denying that a large number of likes will make your business seem like an authority on Facebook, you must know what the repercussions of purchasing fake likes are. Just as Google doesn’t take lightly to fraudulent SEO cases, Facebook isn’t afraid to punish those they deem malicious. You may notice that one day all of those likes your page has received have suddenly vanished. Facebook actively searches for and deletes accounts that they deem are spammy. They can also put limits on your business page if they think that their terms and conditions of use have not been adhered to.

Also, with the way that the Facebook News Feed algorithms are now, people only see what Facebook thinks that they want to see. This is based on the amount of average engagement that is on your posts. If you raise the number of likes on your page, but your engagement numbers remain the same or lower — which is going to be the case with paid likes — your posts won’t even show up to the people who actually do care about your content!

The people who you truly want to like your page and the content you post are the ones that will most likely convert to real sales. You won’t get any sales from people who don’t exist…

What you can do instead

  • Buy Facebook likes…?
    • If you’re going to ‘buy’ Facebook likes, then we suggest doing it the proper way; by setting up well directed Facebook ads and CTA’s that entice real people genuinely want to like your page and engage in your content.
  • Focus on Goals
    • Think of what you’re really trying to accomplish. No one ONLY wants Facebook likes. Owners want Facebook likes in order to increase things like their reach and return on investment. Focus on what you’re really trying to accomplish, and accomplish it through ethical means. Be focused on the long term strategy, not the short term!

If you have any questions about buying fake Facebook likes, or any other actions that might fall into ‘grey area’ category, please feel free to give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter.

Oh! Here’s an awesome video by AdEspresso that sums the facts of this topic extremely well 🙂


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