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Super Bowl Ads that pumpkin spiced up brands in 2018

Monday, February 5th, 2018

Here at ROI Media Works, we not only work in marketing, we love it too. That’s why we’re going to bring you the best seasonal marketing campaigns we’ve seen every month. The Super Bowl, even here north of the border, is the largest marketing event in February. So, what can your business learn from the Super Bowl ads?

“Did you catch The Game?” is probably how most of you started your work day today. Yesterday, of course, was the Super Bowl, the American indulgence of football, spectacle, Justin Timberlake and beer. But our burning question this morning is instead “did you catch The Ads?” Marketing Land did, putting together a robust anthology of the day’s offerings. It would be fun to just watch the Super Bowl ads solely for the enjoyment value. But, we hope you view them with a lens that affords an opportunity for analysis and inspiration.

Now, we understand there’s a high chance that if you’re reading this, you’re not the CMO of a Fortune 500 company. Thus, you don’t have the budget for a Super Bowl spot. But, this does not mean you are forbidden from trying to do something like this at a smaller scale. Super Bowl ads are so sought after because of the audience they carry with them.  Use analytics to find your “Super Bowl” – times when your audience is at it’s highest. This is where you should be launching products, posting video campaigns debuting a new service, etc…

There’s even a way to grow that potential audience. You may have noticed in Marketing Land’s breakdown, a number of advertisers created “teaser” ads to launch their campaigns. This is a largely effective and sometimes underutilized method of facilitating engagement in campaigns. Don’t forget that a “campaign,” after all, indicates working towards a goal, not just arriving at the goal line. Hey, I guess we did end up tying this post into football, after all.

Inspired by what you read and want to create a seasonal marketing campaign that can make your brand feel worthy of Super Bowl ads? We would love to help. Drop us a line at

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