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What’s new in the Google AdWords Report Editor

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

If digital marketing were a tool box, it could be seen that Google AdWords is the box itself. With this in mind, Google AdWords Report Editor represents the hinges and drawers separating each vital but specific tool. One is able to look into the box and see what tool should be used, what tool should be replaced or what tool has rusted out and is destined for the trash can.

Perhaps the reason for the unquestioned prominence of Google as a digital marketing entity is the organization’s agility. The Google AdWords Report Editor is no exception. With periodic adjustments, it’s important to keep an eye on it to ensure Google AdWords is being used to the fullest potential. Looking at August in particular, Google announced some new features making their way into Google AdWords programming.

Upon improving this tool, Google added several features to beef it up. The first of which focuses on the ability to utilize scatter charts in the Google AdWords Report Editor. The benefit of this exists in the ability for marketers to now, more efficiently understand and present the relationship between a pair of metrics. Utilizing scatter charts in the Google AdWords Report Editor provides a new dimension to analyzing your campaign keywords.

An additional change increased the prominence of landing page reporting. Digital marketers put in copious amounts of time to perfect the ideal Google AdWords campaign. It is hoped that campaign will get the user to the appropriate conclusion via a landing page. There is solace in the fact that the landing page insights in the Google AdWords Report Editor can get to the bottom of any discrepancies.

Google was very excited to present this new feature as part of the Google AdWords Report Editor. It will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Alongside this, improvements on mobile insights through the Google AdWords Report Editor are on the way. This will bring with it data on the mobile capability of pages or desktop vs. mobile clicks.

Though Google AdWords is a leading digital marketing tool, tweaks are consistent. The Google AdWords Report Editor sees edits come its direction on certain occasions. It’s important to keep an eye on these changes to ensure it is being used at full potential.

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