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Bye Bye AdWords 👋🏽

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

It’s time to say goodbye to the old friend we all have in AdWords, thank it for always being there for us marketers, and say hello to Google Ads.

It’s not necessarily a huge deal or anything, but Google has announced a few new changes in its advertising products.

Google AdWords = Google Ads

With the new Google Ads, businesses will get the same features as they could with the old AdWords platform but the design of the platform will look a lot cleaner, more modern, and will also include new features, like Smart Campaigns.

Smart Campaigns will be using AI technology developed by Google that will help create campaigns easier than ever before. This will be especially helpful for smaller businesses that don’t have the time or resources to create dedicated campaigns for their online consumers.

DoubleClick for Publishers + DoubleClick Ad Exchange = Google Ad Manager

To further push the idea the biggest changes are mostly in the names, Google says:

“With these changes, we needed a new name that better reflects how our platform helps you earn more and protects your brand … The programmatic buyers and networks formerly called “AdX buyers” will now be known as “Authorized Buyers.”

As always, Google puts transparency and trust as a few of their top concerns. They reiterate that they’re putting in procedures that will help manage the types of ads that help meet your brand values.

DoubleClick + Google Analytics 360 Suite = Google Marketing Platform

For this combination, it made sense that Google would want to combine their power house DoubleClick advertiser products with their Analytics 360 suite. These are both now going to be integrated into one name called the Google Marketing Platform. Its aim is to help businesses – whether big or small – plan, buy, measure, and optimize all of their digital media in one place.

A large part of these new brand shifts is because Google wants to align the names of their products with what their customers see the purpose of the products as being. As we’ve mentioned above, not a lot is changing with the announcement of these new names / products. It’s more like a rejuvenation for the brands that we’ve all been used to for so long. As a digital agency, we’re happy to see that Google is taking the time to rebrand their products and showing pride in how they are seen by their consumers. The fact that they’re always innovating is one of the reasons we all love Google so much.

If you have any questions about how these changes may affect you and your business, give us a call or shoot us a message on Facebook.

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