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Customers: 4 infographics to help you interact with them

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Many times on this blog we have greatly touted the value of infographics. We have also tried to describe ways in which you could be interacting with or learning from your customers. The importance and value of all of these will never be lost. So, here are 4 infographics about customers to help you on your way.

Customer relationships


The influence technology has had on human interaction is often debated. At times, it certainly feels like face to face conversations are being phased out. But ask anybody who’s in a distance relationship and they’ll tell you just how important it was to stay connection. While you may not be in a relationship in that fashion with your customer, that connectivity is still vital.

Marketing Profs recently highlighted an infographic that highlights this. It highlights how contemporary technologies are and can be used for customer-based interactions. These include AI and chatbots, for example, and their most important facet: authenticity. Just because your customers are interacting with a computer, that doesn’t mean it should feel like that. The infographic even throws in some quotes from leading entrepreneurs for good measure.

Service standards your customers expect


While you have customer interactions in mind, it’s the perfect time for a reminder about customer service standards. The best part? Those technologies that make customer interactions easier aid customer service too. Salesforce, who specialize in customer service, have laid this all out in an infographic: How to Conquer Four Big Customer Service Expectations.

Those four expectations say to:

  1. Interact with your customers in real time
  2. Personalize customer service
  3. Provide consistent experiences to them
  4. Be proactive in terms of customer service

Salesforce backs up these tips with survey data of customer service reps. In addition to the infographic, there is an accompanying blog post that gives these points greater clarity.

Brand loyalty on the part of customers


It’s one thing to engage with and gain new customers. It’s an entirely different thing to establish customer loyalty. One such way brands try to establish this is through the membership or loyalty programs. These programs reward customers who return to a product, service or retailer.

Marketing Profs broke down a huge report on these programs’ effectiveness. We’re kind of taking a liberty on the whole “infographic” thing here. But, the stats are laid out a quick read fashion if you’d prefer not to take a deep dive into the report, much like an infographic.

Customer Metrics that can aid your analysis


Now that you have engaged with customers, delivered them adequate service and developed some modicum of loyalty, now it’s time for data and analysis. “In order for a business to generate a long-term, sustainable profit,” KIssmetrics says, “new customers need to be driven to your site, existing customers need to be satisfied and ideally, existing customers should become repeat customers.”

They backed this point up with an infographic. It points out the key metrics that can make statements about how your customers may be feeling. These are either proactive or reactive, giving business owners an idea of where their customers are at before or after they engage with said business.

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