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Social media marketing: news and notes

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

If you’re feeling some déja vu as you read the title of the post, you’re not wrong. Earlier this month, we wrote about some changes that were coming to social media platforms. Squeezing the most marketing juice out of your social media efforts, a.k.a. SMM since us marketers like acronyms, requires consistent attention. Here’s another glimpse into the ever-changing world of social media marketing.



Facebook has been in the news consistently over the past month or so for good, but negative, reason. Even in the midst of this justifiable bad press, Facebook remains a leading platform for social media marketing. This fact isn’t lost on Forbes.


The business focused media outlet summarized the often-changing social media platform and expressed next steps in a post entitled How To Survive The Facebook Marketing Apocalypse. Great minds think alike as one of their suggestions is the same as one we wrote earlier this year: Facebook Live.



In our last posts on this subject, our LinkedIn news came in the form of their freshly launched video advertising platform. Since the last time we chatted, readers, LinkedIn has produced a best practices guide to pump these up.


“The act of making movies has never been easier — getting people to care about them has never been harder,” they state. As such, the guide breaks down how to get the most out of them from a social media marketing sense.


Sometimes SMM aids SEO. This is exactly the case when it comes to Twitter. You may have noticed when you search for a certain organization on Google, the results show a carousel of the organization’s three most recent tweets.


Search Engine Land noticed as well and point out that it can have real benefits for an organization’s organic search pedigree. Their post expands on this by outlining the steps to get the Twitter carousel up and running.



Speaking of carousels, Instagram will be bringing them to their advertising platform. Instagram’s focus on their Stories feature rolls on in the form of new carousel ads within the feature, which were announced last week.


AdWeek says they are akin to the carousel type of advertising which is plentiful and successful on Instagram’s parent company, Facebook. Social media marketing and advertising in this sense refers to something AdWeek, via Google, coined the “micro-moment,” which roughly translated refers to brands creating mobile “moments” for active consumers.



As has been the case for a little while now, Snapchat looks to contemporary advertising techniques to create social media marketing opportunities. In the latest chapter of this, the social media platform has used AR to beef up advertising possibilities.


Previous dabbles into AR by Snapchat have added branded materials as filters. Now, those materials can be accented by lenses which shout “Buy Now,” “Watch” or “Install Now” and lead to landing pages. This announcement comes way of Marketing Land.



Pinterest has become an increasingly popular platform for social media marketing. For those who use it in this fashion, their business profile page is getting a refresh thanks to the social media platform. Pinterest announced the new look last week.


The changes will bring customizable cover photos, monthly page view stats and chronological activity feeds to business profiles. Pinterest says people head its way “actively looking for ideas to try and buy. And the best ideas come from businesses like yours.” Sounds good to us.

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