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4 times you are losing potential customers and how to get them back

Friday, April 27th, 2018

At ROI Media Works, we’re privileged to work with clients across a broad swath of industries. As such, we quite often have customers on the brain. All of our clients have different types of customers, each with different features and characteristics. We have also found that the toughest thing to do in regard to this is mitigating the risk of losing potential customers.

Since there are many facets of digital marketing that could cause this, and there are plenty of customers or clients who could get lost, we thought it would be worthwhile to look into it more. To do so, we’re going to present a quartet of hypothetical examples. We will then present a solution to each.


Losing potential customers from word of mouth

We’re consistently impressed by the opportunities our clients can solely create from word of mouth. But consider this: A friend of yours is having a beer with a buddy. They mention they are after the services you offer so your friend mentions your prowess. The next morning, that buddy goes online to track down your business.

If you’re not routinely posting on social media or have a web design that is lacking, there is a high chance the potential customer will just move on. First impressions is everything! As noted by Business 2 Community, “businesses without a strong Social presence are at risk of not only losing customers and future customers, but they could be harming future growth.” Organic posts on social media are an easy way to eliminate this. The best posts come from engaging with your product, services and customers.

If you think your web design is costing you customers, we’d be happy to chat about our web development services. Drop us a line at


Losing potential customers in email marketing campaigns

Let’s say you’ve chosen to go the route of email marketing to tell the world of your new product or service. You’ve done a great job getting customers to open and read your email but you’re not seeing any new followers of the program or service. Your potential customers or clients are essentially window shopping. How do you get them in the store?

There are a few reasons this could be happening. The first is that there aren’t enough or aren’t the right call to actions (CTAs) embedded in the email. It should be immensely clear both the value you are presenting and how it can be attained. This will then bring your customers, and this solution, to the second part. The landing page that links from a CTA should be limited to content regarding the program or service. There is no time or need to confuse potential customers or present unrelated information. Thirdly, and probably the most important point is incentive. What incentive are you offering to your customer to purchase or engage with your company? Are you offering a discount, giveaway or announcing a new product/service? Give a reason for your customers to want to purchase from you.


Losing potential customers off an e-commerce site

In the third example, we’re going to be talking about your hypothetical e-commerce site. Everything is looking good. Your customers are finding and interested in your items across multiple categories. You see them filling their shopping cart. But, just like supermarket parking lots, they frustratingly abandon their cart. If this is happening to you, look to this infographic from Social Media Today for guidance. Oftentimes, the best way to win those customers back is through targeted email remarketing. They have a few templates for you to follow.


Losing potential customers off search engines

If you’re finding that you’re pouring a lot of time into SEO and things are going well, but you’re still not converting web visits, a PPC campaign is likely what you need. What we are able to do with a PPC-driven web presence can directly lead customers to where you want them. PPC ads can take up more space and provide more CTAs to your potential customers than SEO alone. Our expertise in ad copywriting, targeting and campaigning will get you over the hump. Sound like a plan? Reach out to us at

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