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Launch a video marketing campaign with these great resources

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Ask yourself this question: when was the last time I stopped scrolling to read a lengthy social media post and when was the last time I stopped scrolling to watch a video? We think we already know the answer. To prove our already biased position, video is a tool that every business owner should have in their marketing arsenal. If you’ve never really known how to get started, though, we (and some companies we like) are here to help.


Live videos on social media


This isn’t the first time we’ve sung the praises of live video on social media. The values we preached back in January about Facebook Live still ring true today and apply to all social media live videos offerings. They can be the perfect place to start when considering a video marketing campaign. Here they are, via AdEspresso:


  • “Facebook’s live video, which appears in the newsfeed”
  • “Instagram live stories, which are part of the stories feature”
  • “Periscope, which is a separate app but still connected as a sister company to Twitter”
  • “YouTube live, which is a relatively new feature; live broadcasts can be viewed on your live channel and YouTube’s live channel”


We love live video because platforms notify users when a live video is occurring and the video is also found at the top of their newsfeed, meaning more people tune in. You also have to do a fair bit of planning as you would a non-live campaign. But the casual nature of live videos allows for slip ups you can iron out down the road and learn from.


These tools from Hubspot can help


Once you do choose to go and start creating your video marketing campaigns, you’ll have to do even more planning. It’s pivotal to ensure you know your campaign goals and how to reach them. Once this is established, developing creative like scripts or overlays will become that much easier.


To get the ball rolling, have a look at the free video marketing resources offered by HubSpot. Their collection of tools can help you understand what you need for your upcoming campaigns.

BuzzFeed’s new editing tool


Buzzfeed just launched an editing tool that can make your video marketing campaign look like the video’s fun cousin, the meme. It’s called Vidder and is an easy to use tool that allows users to splice videos together and overlay them with text to tell a story or joke.


The launch was announced in TechCrunch, who then expand on just how easy the tool is to use. They note that one of the first videos, created by Buzzfeed Kayla Yandoli was an immediate success. “With 1.1 million shares, it was one of Vidder’s early success stories, and Yandoli estimated that it only took her only an hour and a half to edit.” With stats like that, you can’t really go wrong.


We’re consistently exploring new advertising mediums to build a robust catalogue of unique places to share your brand’s story. Lately, we have been looking extensively at YouTube demographics to better understand what works when fashioning a video marketing campaign. We’ve found some really useful data. Check out our Instagram to learn more.

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