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Social Media Rundown: May 8

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

It seems like we’ve reached marathon season. Here in Kamloops, April concludes with Boogie the Bridge. Down the Coquihalla, the Sun Run and Vancouver Marathon have come and gone as well. But, with running as the talk of the province, we prefer rundowns (bah doom tiss). Here is our biweekly social media rundown.



We’re kind of starting to feel like a broken record when we chat Facebook. But the good news is the record is broken and stuck on a song that can help you reach your SMM goals. The song, of course, is Facebook Live. When we told you the News Feed was changing, Facebook Live was our tip to stay noticed. When we told you to look at video marketing campaigns, it was there, too.


Now, Facebook is working to make the feature even more versatile. Marketing Land, who summarized the features, is also pretty excited: “Facebook is also making it easier for teams to collaborate when shooting Live video by giving publishers a single, permanent stream key for live broadcasts.”




Snapchat’s entrance into the world of social media came as a pioneer. Their offering was the first to introduce a sharing platform where the photo was unavailable after it was shown to the other user. Through the years, Snapchat both held this close and moved away from it but maintains a commitment to consistent updates to their platform.


This latest update is more of a rebrand of a noteworthy advertising feature. Snapchat’s photo sharing offering is accented by a Stories feature that is similar to their rival’s social media rundown rivals. Formerly known as Promoted Stories, branded content is now known as Story Ads. Additionally, this space is newly available for programmatic bidding.




Recently, we shared that online shopping is becoming more and more social. By that, we meant that shoppers can tap on a tagged post within their feeds or through the shop button on a business’ profile to take the next steps to learn more. It was also stated that quite a few users are pulling the trigger and purchasing items.

It must be working as Instagram is expanding such capabilities. The social media platform is rolling out similar features for services rather than solely products. For example, as written in TechCrunch, “a spokesperson confirmed that native payments for booking appointments like at restaurants or salons is now live for a limited set of partners.”




Vancouver-based social media tool, Hootsuite, recently announced their newest integration. Pinterest is the last social media platform to be offered. “Effective today,” the May 8 press release reads, “all Hootsuite customers can collaboratively and securely schedule and publish visual content directly to owned Pinterest boards.”


This will make the maintenance of lively Pinterest boards even easier. These organic pins should be accented by advertising content on the platform’s growing ad managing space. No social media rundown would be complete without noting that advertising on Pinterest is at the intersection of marketing and analysis. You are able to see exactly what people are interested in and advertise accordingly. Not only can you find new customers, you can connect with your old ones on a new platform.


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