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2018 marketing trends as seen by top CMO’s: Infographic 

Friday, January 12th, 2018

So, last week we highlighted nine articles over three categories to get your ready for 2018. But, we get it – you’re like gyms this time of year: busy! So, for another couple weeks, we’re going to post an infographic about the three categories we broke down that we hope can clarify your marketing New Year’s resolution. As a friendly reminder, these included content marketing, top 2018 marketing trends and what marketing stories that broke news in 2017 are going to make big headlines in the new year.

Some of the top chief marketing officers are getting in on the act of predicting what will shake up the marketing world over the next 12 months. MarketingProfs has put together the infographic below showcasing 11 CMOs and their predicted 2018 marketing trends.  Some of them may sound familiar. If you read our last post, you’ll have notice some overlap between Forbes’ predictions for 2017 and these, new predictions. This is something we will explore next week.

2018 marketing trends

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